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Ceiling-type dual air discharge coolers

The Ceiling-type dual air discharge coolers TCR, with high-performance, have their application in the upper space of the chamber, allowing larger volume for load, and the possibility of moving air flows without a direct impact on the product.


According to its application, they are divided in the following categories:

  • High/ Medium Tº: 4,5 mm fin spacing.Recommended for air-conditioning, workrooms and similar with >0 ºC evaporation Tº , fresh or frozen products conservation installations with small levels of frost.
  • Medium/Low Tº: 7 mm fin spacing. Recommended for frozen installations, fast-cooling chambers, occasional high loads…
  • Capacity: 0,84kW – 23,3kW

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More information on some of the ceiling-type dual air discharge coolers TCR constructive characteristics is given bellow. Click each button to display the required details:

  • Built with high-quality raw materials: 1/2” copper tubes with slotted internal structure, expansion-jointed in aluminium fins with 4,5 mm or 7 mm thickness.
  • Internal careful cleaning of tubes.
  • Pressure checked: supplied with a dry nitrogen charge.
  • Outlet connection and liquid distributor, with the circuits and lengths appropriate for each application.
  • Can be supplied:
    -Equipped for GLYCOL WATER or similar.
    -With different fin spacing. The sizes can be addapted to suit the needs of the customers on order.

  • Structurally solid casing, in aluminium with white removable protection plastic, to prevend scratches during the transport and the setting up.
  • Laterals easy to dismantle to manipulate the expansion valve and the electrical connections.
  • Stainless steel bolts and supports.
  • External and internal tray, to avoid external condensation, in aluminium, for an easy and convenient intervention.
  • Possibility of supply in STAINLESS STEEL, for a wider application, even in the strictest sectors of the food chain.

Air coolers equipped with Ziehl-abbeg or EBM fans, with external rotor and thermal protection:

  • The fans have safety grilles, in painted steel, according to the current safety regulations (CE).
  • The engines are wired to an own ground terminal.
  • The arrow air is indicated according CECOMAF regulation, on the distance at which the velocity is 0’25 m/s with the air coolers laid on the ground, without obstacles in his the way of the air.
  • The fans and resistances are wired in a respectively boxes, with a protection degree IP-54.
  • Can be supplied:
    -with different ELECTRICAL specifications to those mentioned (440V/60Hz, at low revolutions, etc.).

In the electric defrost, the principal resistance characteristics are:

  • Reinforced stainless steel materials, with vulcanized terminals on the tube: high protection against humidity and ice.
  • Strategically distributed, depending on the air cooler heat requirement.
  • Featured with special fixation on the end, to prevend movements by dilation.
  • Heated gas defrost (HT).
  • Heating support resistances (C) especially suitable in humidity control chambers.