How we work

Specialized in industrial and commercial refrigeration, INSFRI provides the best technical solution for complex applications, resolving problems of space and optimizing the air coolers and condensers for each special task. We offer you a direct and personalized advice, studying and designing tailor-made product, as required needs.


Our technical team will give you advice in order to find the most profitable and suitable solution to your needs, with a direct and personal treatment that will meet your expectations.



Our Technical Department will offer you a Custom Computation service, which will solve your space problems or specific singularities that presents your enclosure, studying and designing the product tailored to your refrigeration needs.

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Our specialized human team, and the most advanced and modern manufacturing machinery and equipment, allows us to reach a high quality product at very competitive prices. This has led us to become leaders in the sector since 1966.

Produktion mit CNC-Maschine, Bohren und Schweißen und Konstruktionszeichnung im Industriebetrieb.


Once production is finished, an exhaustive quality control will be carried out with the objective of assure that the product meets the demanding quality and reliability standards that characterise us.

Contrle Qualit


We count with a high-production capacity, thanks to our modern and extensive production and storage plant in Montcada i Reixac (Barcelona), ensuring the supply of raw material, accessories and spare parts of all our products. This allows us to have a quick delivery times for all orders.

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Our engagement does not end with the delivery of the product. We keep a close after-sales service, with the purpose of comply with our commitment to satisfying the present and future needs of our customers.

How we adapt to your needs

INSFRI designs and manufactures special air coolers, for all installations and with all kind of features, either beginning from scratch or adapting one of our standard products, offering among others the next options:

Thermal efficiency

INSFRI studies and designs tailored-made Air Coolers and Condensers, according to the needs of its customers.

Heat exchanger

The heat exchangers can be provided adapted for glycol-water use or similar.


The sizes, on order, can be adapted to resolve the space problems and other peculiarities that certain enclosure present.

Fins spacing

Wide range of fins spacing adapted to the needs of every application.


High-quality raw materials, adapted to the different types of refrigeration gas and thick-walled tube.


Possibly of supplying in STAINLESS STEEL (ASTM 304 or higher), for a wider application. Possibility of casing REMOVABLE to facilitate the enclosure access.