Air Coolers and Condensers for Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration

INSFRI, specialist in the design and manufacture of air coolers, condensers and heat exchanging coils for industrial and commercial use, has a wide range of standard and special customized product, tailored to the needs of each project. Since its inception in 1966, aimed at producing a high quality product, is positioned as a leader in the manufacture of refrigeration units, offering profitable industry professional cooling solutions.

Our aim is to offer solutions to satisfy industrial and business refrigeration professionals with the maximum agility and efficiency

Wide range of high-quality condensers:

  • Air cooled Condensers (CDA)
  • Centrifugal air cooled Condensers with direct transmission (CCA)

The static Air Coolers for cold chambers are built with 5/8” copper tube (0’43 mm thickness) and aluminium fins (0’30 mm thickness), which thicknesses assure a great fixing and performance. They count with fins with 13 mm self-separation collar, to assure a good transmission. The side plates in painted aluminium give the whole assembly a great robustness. Optional water collector tray, in aluminium or stainless steel.

The Static Air Coolers for refrigerated displays, bottlers, closets, cabinets, etc, are manufactured on order, with copper tube of 3/8”, ½”, 5/8”, and aluminium fins with the adequate spacing for each application


A stocked warehouse, with finished products as well as accessories and spare parts guarantees a rapid availability of material.

Tailor-made products

INSFRI is characterized by the design and manufacture of tailor-made air coolers, Condensers and heat exchanging coils, adapted to all type of installations and manufactured with all kind of specific features.

Our Identifying Marks

50 years of Experience

With a specialized and design-oriented technical team, INSFRI, since 1966, develops and manufactures products that offer the best solution, having as its mission to assure the quality of the product and the provided services.

Standard Products

INSFRI has a wide range of Air Coolers, Condensers and Heat exchangers for Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration that can be adapted to suit the needs of every project.

Tailor-made manufacture

INSFRI offers solutions that resolve the space problems and other specific needs that present some enclosures, studying and designing tailor-made air coolers and condensers.

Custom computation

As a specialist in Industrial and Commercial Cold, INSFRI provides a technical and computation service which will help you choose the solution that suits best your required frigorific needs, giving advice with a direct and personal treatment.

Manufacture Quality

INSFRI counts with the latest light and more advanced machinery for the manufacture of equipment, obtaining a high-quality and high-performance products at a competitive price.

Fast delivery dates

A large productive capacity, thanks to our modern and extensive production and storage plant, ensuring the supply of raw material, accessories and spare parts of all our products.

Solutions for all kind of installations

INSFRI designs and constructs special air coolers with all types of peculiarity, addressed to all kinds of installations and sectors of activities, with the aim of adapting to your needs.

Extensive distribution network

INSFRI has an important presence in the market, thanks to the collaboration with a large distribution network that commercializes its products at national and international level.